Flexible Licenses To Suit Your Needs

Visible Spectrum’s technology enables anyone to create high quality video in any digital format on-line, in minutes and at a lower cost than using traditional methods. You can integrate your own graphics and video into our professionally designed templates, import assets from our 19+ million image/video cloud database, and customize right on your keyboard.

Users at every level are provided with the full functionality of VSI’s system. All users pay the same fee per composition.  And all compositions are provided with a royalty-free license to use.  However, in addition to providing standard pay-per-use services, VSI also provides three distinct programs tailored to needs of larger customers requiring additional features.

The table below summarizes the specific features available with each program.

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VSI Licenses Tables LARGE 1024x642 LicensesPlease contact our team at info@visiblespectrum.com to discuss which license is best for your business.

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